About Us

Enship- The Entrepreneurship Club of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram

What is Enship?

ENSHIP, The Entrepreneurship club of Delhi Public School R.K.Puram, established in 2017, seeks young minds who think out of the box.
We believe that strategic thinking and the ability of continual learning are key entrepreneurial skills and also very valuable life skills.The club offers to its members with the right mentorship and guidance to be able to see their ideas come to life.
ENSHIP’s aim is to provide budding student entrepreneurs with a platform where they can learn more about entrepreneurship, interact with real life entrepreneurs, get the right mentorship and support for their idea and finally be able to execute it, potentially changing the course of their journey.

Enship Event

The Entrepreneurship Club has successfully held its annual ENSHIP Event for the past three years. With participation from over 50 schools from the NCR every year. It comprises of five competitions: Business Plan, Ad Making, Group Discussion, Quiz and a Surprise Event, which are judged by successful entrepreneurs and alumni of our very own club. It evaluates the creativity and originality of the young blossoming minds by asking them to present diverse and innovative ideas.

Event History

Event Date
Enship 2020 TBD...
Enship 2019 10 August 2019
Enship 2018 14 July 2018
Enship 2017 5 August 2017